As the Cultural Geography Research Group at Johannes Gutenberg-University Mainz, Germany (JGU) we are interested in the making of (translocal) places as they contribute to a particular sense of being-in-the-world. We understand these places as shaped by human and non-human actors (e.g. things, animals, plants) and put particular emphasis on the ways in which technologies mediate human-world relations. This way we strive for critical ethnographic research which helps to better understand the implications of different forms of knowledge production and technologies for ecologies of the anthropocene.

What we do

  • conduct ethnographic research projects to look at the world from different perspectives
  • contribute to current conceptual and methodological discussions in cultural geography and beyond through presentations and publications
  • introduce students to cultural geographic thought and research practice in the different teaching programs at JGU
  • collaborate and exchange ideas with scholars in different parts of the world
  • communicate with practicioners and artists for mutual inspiration and to work towards alternative research outputs
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